EARC Services

EARC Services

Residential Services

Assisted Living

At EARC we understand each individual client’s needs. We’re happy to provide Assisted Living services for our clients who do not require 24 hour care but still need support in some areas. Our staff will assist with transportation, grocery shopping, laundry, medical appointments and leisure activities. Assisted Living clients also have access to EARC staff in cases when the primary caregiver may be at work or have other obligations.

Daily Living Support

EARC operates four Daily Living Support (DLS) Homes in the Edmond and North OKC area. DLS homes offer 24 hour care and house up to three individuals. DLS clients are responsible for their own expenses and gain essential experience with budgeting and money skills.

Group Homes

EARC operates two Group Homes in Edmond, one is men only and the other is a co-ed home. Clients in EARC Group Homes learn independent living skills while still having the assurance of 24 hour care. Six clients live in each Group Home, learning skills such as household chores, meal preparation and money management.

Intermediate Care Facility

EARC clients have called the Nova Centre home since 1989. This facility provides immediate care to sixteen individuals with more severe developmental or physical disabilities. At the Nova Centre, clients receive training on daily living skills such as hygiene and nutrition, as well as pre-vocational skills.

Employment Services

Community Integrated Employment

Through our Community Integrated Employment program, clients obtain individual job placements in the community with the assistance of an EARC job coach. Some of these placements require one-on-one support, while others only need transportation assistance to get to and from work. EARC proudly employs individuals as greeters, cashiers, dock/driver assistants and janitorial staff.


EARC currently operates three Enclaves, which involves three to four clients working alongside a job coach in a collaborative setting. Enclaves offer EARC clients the opportunity to learn and apply valuable employment skills.

Sheltered Workshop

The Trails Sheltered Workshop is a facility which allows individuals to learn work skills and to receive a paycheck through center based pre-vocational training. EARC clients at the Trails Sheltered Workshop perform important work for our thrift stores, which helps ensure the store’s success. Clients sort and prepare donations we receive for display in our thrift stores. Local businesses also provide contract work for our clients to perform.

Application for Services

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Employment and residential services that encourage independent lifestyles.

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Charitable Giving

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