EARC | Intermediate Care Facility

Intermediate Care Facility

Feel at home at the Nova Centre

EARC clients have called the Nova Centre home since 1989. This facility provides immediate care to sixteen individuals with more severe developmental or physical disabilities. At the Nova Centre, clients receive training on daily living skills such as hygiene and nutrition, as well as pre-vocational skills.

EARC | Nova Center
EARC | Intermediate Care Facility
EARC | Intermediate Care Facility

Having a home that feels more like a family residence than a nursing facility is what makes EARC Nova Centre unique. Clients furnish and decorate their space to suit their own style to make them feel more at home.

There are shared living spaces for social interaction and family style dining. Residents always look forward to special events, holiday celebrations and birthday parties.

For more information on the Nova Centre, contact us at info@earcinc.org.


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