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Employment And Residential Centers (EARC) is our name, but that is only the beginning of our mission. EARC is more than a place to work. It is more than a home. It is a place to succeed. Our mission is to provide a better quality of life and encourage greater independence to individuals with developmental disabilities. EARC is an inspiring agency where individuals can see their accomplishments and find pride in their success.

Opportunities for better quality of life begin in the home.

EARC provides unique experiences for each client. A number of EARC clients remain in their homes and our staff are able to offer in-home support.

We also operate two group homes where residents learn daily living skills such as housekeeping, hygiene and budgeting.

For clients with more severe disabilities, the Nova Centre is an intermediate care facility which has 24-hour care and training.

EARC | Edmond & Guthrie Oklahoma

EARC also offers Daily Living Support homes that provide continuous staff services for instruction and supervision.

Independence also means earning wages and contributing to the community.

The Trails Sheltered Workshop is a facility which offers individuals the opportunity to learn work skills and receive a paycheck. Some individuals can work alongside non-disabled workers with the help of a job coach, through community integrated employment.

EARC also has three thrift stores in Edmond and Guthrie. The stores are a great place to see success stories in progress and also to find great bargains for shoppers. Our clients work at the stores learning skills in retail, customer service and organization. Profits from the thrift stores stay in our community and fund EARC programs. In addition, any donations to EARC stores stay in the local community as well to support services.


Employment and residential services that encourage independent lifestyles.

Thrift Stores

All proceeds support EARC programs.

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Invest in a successful future for individuals with developmental disabilities.