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About Us


For nearly 40 years EARC has been striving to provide a better quality of life and encouraging greater independence to individuals with developmental disabilities.  What started out as a means to increase public awareness and to provide education has now expanded into the ability to provide employment and residential services to adults with developmental disabilities.  EARC is proud of its successes, but most importantly, we are proud to be a part of the successes of the individuals we serve!




            ICF/MR (Intermediate Care Facility) – Our ICF/MR, “The Nova Centre”, was opened in Edmond in 1989 and is home to 16 residents.  The Nova Centre provides 24- hour care for adults with more severe disabilities.  The focus of their training is on daily living skills, such as hygiene, nutrition, and community awareness/involvement.


            Group Homes – EARC has two 6-bed group homes in the Edmond community.  One is an all male group home, while the other is home to both men and women.  These homes also provide 24 hour care, but the residents in the group homes do not require the same level of medical care as required in the Nova Centre.  These individuals are learning new skills, such as household chores, personal laundry, mealtime planning, and money skills.


DLS (Daily Living Supports) – EARC currently operates two DLS houses in the Edmond area.  These homes provide 24 hour care for three individuals in their own home.  The training in these homes is similar to the group home, but these individuals are responsible for all of their own expenses and have a heightened training level on budgeting and money skills.


            Assisted Living – Through State funded assisted living and the In Home Support Waiver, EARC is able to provide services for those who do not require 24 hour care.  Our staff works with these individuals to provide such assistance as transportation, assistance with grocery shopping, laundry, and medical appointments.  This program also provides staff in a family home for times when the primary caregiver may be at work or keeping up with other obligations.


            Agency Companion – The Agency Companion program is EARC’s newest program.  In this program, the individual actually lives with our staff (the companion) in our staff’s home.  This is a unique program that provides very individualized support.


            All of the individuals participating in our residential programs also participate in some type of vocational training.  EARC also provides vocational services to individuals regardless of whether they are receiving residential services through EARC.  EARC is so proud of the growth our vocational program has experienced over the past few years!  It is through the expansion of this program that we are now able to offer so many more earning opportunities for the individuals we serve.




            Sheltered Workshop – The Trails, our sheltered workshop, is located in Edmond and provides center based pre-vocational training.  It is at this workshop that some of our most important work for our thrift stores takes place!  Individuals sort and prepare donations for display in our thrift stores.  Other contracts are also obtained and processed through this workshop. 


            Enclaves – EARC currently operates four enclaves – one in our processing center/thrift store in Edmond, one in our new Edmond Thrift Store, one in our Guthrie Thrift Store and a traveling enclave that runs our Vending Operation!  In each of these enclaves, 3-4 individuals work alongside a job coach in a community setting. 


            CIE (Community Integrated Employment) – Through this program, individuals are able to obtain individual job placements in the community with the assistance of a job coach.  Some of these placements require one-on-one assistance, while others merely need the assistance of transportation to get to/from work.  EARC is proud to employ individuals in such jobs as receptionist, cashier, janitorial, and dock assistant!  We would also like to thank the Edmond community for supporting these individuals in their local businesses.




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