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About Us

About Us and Our History

Mission statement:  EARC's Mission is to provide a better quality of life and encourage greater independence to individuals with developmental disabilities.

EARC was founded in 1969 and at that time focused on increasing public awareness and providing education on issues surrounding the developmental disabilities.  In early 1970, the first Edmond Thrift Store was opened, and then after that in 1980 came the Guthrie Thrift Store to further financially support EARC’s Mission. 

In 1982, EARC opened the first of two, six bed group homes.  The second home opened in 1985.  Both homes are designed to provide education in areas of independent living skills.  EARC also offers in-home support services and assisted living services.  This option places a habilitation trainer for a specified number of hours per week in an individual’s family home or own home.  In 1989, The Nova Center, a 16-bed intermediate care facility (ICF/MR) for residents with more severe disabilities was opened.  Most recently EARC has opened several daily living support (DLS) homes that also provide continuous staff services for training and supervision.     

The Trails Sheltered Workshop opened in 1986, this facility offers individuals the opportunity to learn work skills through subcontracted jobs and receive a paycheck.  EARC also offers community integrated employment (CIE) opportunities, which were first initiated through The Trails in 1989.  This service provides individual assistance in securing and maintaining employment in the community.  By the late 1990’s, a work enclave of four was traveling from The Trails to Guthrie each weekday to be employed along side workers without disabilities.  In March of 2006, EARC launched a small vending machine operation that works as a CIE enclave providing on-the-job training under a job coach.  In May of 2006, we opened our newest Thrift Store in Edmond, in November we put a new work enclave in place at the original Thrift Store with donation processing center.  Another work enclave, offering even more opportunities for customer contact, was started in March of 2007 at the new EARC Thrift Store location at 92 East 15th in Edmond.

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